pieces of her

a solo musical dramedy

Sara Martinez is a precocious child actress determined to make her mark. She’s also struggling under the weight of a strong-willed father, unfriendly classmates, and two unruly characters who are manifestations of her psyche. Sara grows up navigating the triumphs and perils of the professional acting world while discovering boys, independent living and songwriting. All the while she is attempting to find her own voice as a performer and writer and bring together all those disorderly Pieces of Her.

Pieces of Her is a 70 minute, semi-autobiographical, one person play written and performed by actress, singer, songwriter Sara Carbone. In the play Sara brings to life over a dozen characters through speaking, singing, and dancing, almost entirely without instruments.

Interview with Pieces of Her creator, Sara Carbone

Says Sara: “I wanted to capture my experiences growing up as a child actress and into adulthood as an artist and how that journey was an incredible blend of joy and magic and disillusionment and self-doubt. In the play I explore what artists sometimes go through around their art and their sense of themselves, particularly around creating original work. And I threw in all sorts of singing, and some dancing to keep things interesting for me and, hopefully, the audience!”

Pieces of Her is directed by acclaimed performing and teaching artist Mik Kuhlman. Mik has over twenty-five years experience creating original ensemble and solo theatre in America and overseas and has performed and taught physical acting, mask, clown and improvisation in over 500 educational and art institutions throughout the United States.

at 18th and Union
1406 18th Ave, Seattle, WA

June 20, 21, 22 at 7:30PM
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About Sara

Sara loves the magical place where theater, music and writing converge. She’s indulged in sensational theater gazing, reveled in terrific live music, and lost herself in wonderful writing – both fantastical and mundane.

Sara has performed since childhood in community, regional and Broadway theater. She’s trained at HB Studios and Howard Meyer’s Acting Program. Sara has also soloed in multiple choirs, a cappella groups and live bands. Among other things, Sara got to sing her original tunes with her band at NYC’s CBGBs before it closed, watched a Broadway musical she was in get torpedoed by critics, sang a solo in Chartres Cathedral, and played Death at The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in DC.

Though she’s written pop music, fantasy fiction, marketing copy, and short stories about octopuses for her four year old, Pieces of Her is Sara’s first foray into playwriting.